Values & Ethos

Optimus Education Foundation (OPEF) is committed to equality and diversity of opportunity to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils, teachers, parents and local communities. We firmly believe in personal and social responsibility, social justice for all, unfair privileges for no one. Social responsibility means all of us: government, businesses, local communities, schools, churches, charities, international organisations and parents working together as partners to achieve the changes that are necessary, changes we all want to see. Equality of opportunity and fairness in outcome vividly describes our policies.


OPEF values the independence of schools and communities and supports them to take their own decisions and actions. OPEF is a strong and independent voice for schools and communities.


OPEF believes that schools and communities are innovative in their approach to achieving their goals.


OPEF believes that schools and communities are strongest when they work together and that their future will be shaped through collaborative working.


OPEF values the socio-cultural diversity of schools and communities and society and strives to be inclusive in all aspects of its work.


OPEF believes that school improvement is built on the passion of individuals and communities to make a real positive and lasting difference. OPEF is passionate in its support of schools and communities to fight poverty. We expect schools to do a great deal; to help parents and carers bring up children who are healthy, imbued with appropriate moral and ethical values, and who possess a range of physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills. Pupils must be able to have the wherewithal to find new knowledge and develop their communication and analytical skills so that they can become independent and lifelong learners, hence successful and responsible citizens. ICT is a key enabler of this change.

When you consider that there are millions of young people and adults in the developing world who cannot reach their full potential because they lack basic resources, you understand why Optimus Education Foundation is committed to implementing practical innovative educational development issues; carrying out projects designed to make real and lasting progress in turning around the life chances of thousands of children, young people and adults in the most deprived areas of the world.