Set up Computer Labs for schools

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We have set up computer laboratories in over 20 secondary schools and provided high quality refurbished computer equipment to some secondary schools, Higher Institutions of Learning and other private and public organisations.

The following schools have computer labs set up by OPEF:

  • CCAST Bambil
  • Government Bilingual High School Ntamulung - Bamenda
  • Government Bilingual High School Downtown - Bamenda
  • Government High School Kumbo
  • Government High School Mbatu
  • Government Technical High School Bamenda
  • Government Bilingual High School Bamessing
  • Government Bilingual High School Muea - Buea

The following have benefited from high quality refurbished computers provided by OPEF

  • Government High School Muyuka
  • Government High School Mbengwi
  • Sacred Heart College Mankon Bamenda
  • St Paul's Comprehensive School Bamenda
  • Government Secondary School Fonfuka
  • Government Secondary School Missaje
  • Government Technical High School Santa
  • Cameroon Baptist Convention
  • St Joseph's College Sasse

We have equally donated computers to

  • Regional Delegation for Secondary Education - North West
  • Regional Delegation for Secondary Education - South West
  • Catholic Technical Secondary school Kedjom Ketinguh

It is primarily about the planning and implementation of cost-effective strategies to prepare young Cameroonians and workforce to compete in a world increasingly driven by Information and Communications Technology.

Our aim is to Use ICT to help create a connected community and improve examination performance quantitatively and qualitatively at GCE O Level, GCE A Level, Vocation and Technical by working in an active partnership with all major educational stakeholders and local community.

We aim to find practical and sustainable ways of bridging the 'digital divide' and encouraging local schools, families and communities to embrace the principles of lifelong learning and strengthen pathways into employment.


We believe that it is not enough to simply distribute computers in developing countries. For them to be effective tools in development, they must be accompanied by affordable software, relevant content, and appropriate training. CEDDEF offers a package that ensures our partners get the maximum benefit from the computer hardware that we supply.


Hardware: In partnership with Ministry of Secondary Education Cameroon and PTAs, OPEF has provided well over 7000 high-quality refurbished computers to schools and continues to provide  computer hardware at an affordable cost. Cost is spread over a period of time.


Software: We assist organisations to obtain free or low-cost Microsoft operating systems, advise on appropriate open-source alternatives. Explore reasonably affordable bespoke learning software programmes. This is an area we need to improve as the vast majority of schools have not got sufficient funds to procure bespoke educational software


Training Materials: We provide CD-based training courses in ICT and Hardware Maintenance and Networking. Train students, teachers and IT technicians


Support and Advice: We offer experience and expertise to NGOs and international agencies and developing country governments to advise them on low cost IT solutions.


Educational Content: We work with a number of content providers to develop a range of learning materials that can be used across schools, especially in subjects such as Maths, Sciences, French, German, Spanish, Economics, History, Geography, English etc.

  • to provide high quality refurbished/brand new Computer hardware and accessories to schools and communities
  • to develop and promote e-safety awareness in schools and local communities
  • to develop training programmes to enhance computer capability in schools and local community
  • to set up and enhance e-learning platform to address needs of primary, secondary education
  • develop teaching and learning resources across all subjects to meet the needs of GCE O level, GCE A level,  technical and vocational education
  • to develop and sustain a maintenance culture in schools
  • to run a computer recycling service


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