Recycle School Furniture

chairswarehouseOptimus Education Foundation has teamed up with Kirkhouse Productions to recycle used school furniture  in a helpful way instead of sending them to landfill sites. We providing used secondary and primary classroom furniture to schools in Africa by and large and Cameroon in particular, in a bid to create a very positive learning environment that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the quality of educational provision in these schools.

We will consider school furniture collections of any size, however we aim to collect a minimum of fifty chairs or 30 tables. We can also collect textbooks and other useful educational resources you may want to discard.

PLease take a look at the following images to see what difference your donated school furniture and other educational resources would make to the lives of young people, their school environment and the local community.

Click here to contact Optimus Education Foundation to pick up your classroom chairs, tables, computers and other useful equipment you want to discard free of charge within 20 miles of NN8 4BL


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