OTRELEC - OPEF Training, Resource and Learning Centre


 Within the framework of the Sustainable School Improvement Programme, we have set up OTRELEC - OPEF Training, Resource and Learning Centre (OPEF TRELEC) in Bamenda, North West Region Cameroon as a blueprint for others to replicate. It is open to students, teachers, school administrators, parents, local businesses and the community with a view to improve computer literacy, numeracy and literacy skills to help every educational stakeholder and non-educational stakeholder fulfil their true potential. OTRELEC has played host to an ICT training workshop for teachers of the newly introduced computer science/ICT at GCE O Level to get up to speed with basic ICT skills organised by the North West Regional Pedagogic Service for Computer Sciences.

This training and learning centre has a server-based network of 50 computer systems with loads of resources for students and teachers of primary and secondary education, self-instructional programs for ICT beginners, a rich stock of textbooks in a range of subjects and it is also used for training all the time by the Regional Delegation for Secondary Education in the North West Region especially the Regional Pedagogic Service for Computer Science.

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